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Summer Camp

2020 SUMMER CAMPS – COVID-19 Update & Response

After many weeks of reflection, research and planning, consulting current guidance, and checking with our own staff, we have decided to put all of our Summer Camps online. [We will offer an on-site day camp option for families that are quarantining together that could happen outside of our regular camps. Info at the bottom of this message.]

What do online Summer Camps mean for Movie Makers? We have been planning and working for the last several weeks to create a fun and engaging online experience for our campers. Considering that none of us want our kids to be staring at a screen all day long, we’re creating a schedule that balances online group class with at home activities that will hopefully result in a really fun week! This is a first for us, so I’m sure there will be a learning curve on our end. But please know a lot of experience, thought and planning is going into making this a great experience for everyone. We think we’ve come up with creative ways to actually make some movies!

So PLEASE READ THIS FULL EMAIL BEFORE MAKING YOUR DECISION about whether to stay enrolled this summer. However, if you feel this isn’t the right option for your family, you will get a full refund. No registration fee, no cancellation fee. A total refund in recognition of how challenging our times are, and respect for your family as you make tough decisions. At the bottom of this email is instruction for all parents whether you are staying in camp or pulling out. We’ll need your response by June 10th. Please read carefully.

HOW CAMP WILL WORK: (See the summer camp schedule here)

The week before your child’s summer camp starts, they will be delivered a Movie Makers Welcome To Camp Basket! Melissa, Josh or someone on our staff will come to your house and set the Movie Makers Summer Camp package on your doorstep (if you are local). The package will include: a small movie slate, materials they may need for that week’s camp, a Movie Makers T-shirt, and some other fun Movie Makers items. We want every camper to feel like part of our community, a team working together, and that this is more than an online camp, so we are creating special baskets for all of our campers to have at home. If you are signed up for more than one camp, your child will receive a new package each camp! *Also, a week before your camp starts you will get a detailed email with more detailed information.

“How are we going to film a movie,” you ask? Well, there are many different options depending on the age of our camper and what they want to – and are able to – do. Each morning, we will gather as a group via the Zoom app (if you are technologically challenged, we will guide you through joining our Zoom group). After some games and creative and fun workshops, we’ll write and plan our movie (possibly in smaller “breakout” Zoom groups) and detailed instructions, the kids will have a plan for a movie and the scenes that need to be filmed. Some campers will be given assignments to film (and possibly edit their footage) to bring back to the group, others may just film simple shots with help from siblings or other family members. We can also film right from Zoom and have had success in doing so this past month. If behind-the-scenes is your child’s main interest, we’ll have plenty of planning, writing, creating costumes or sets, editing, etc. We will engage all campers and tailor the week to their interests. It’s our responsibility to ensure everyone will be in the movie and part of the creative process.

We will (somehow!) end up with a final edited project/movie for each week’s camp. (See the summer camp schedule here)

We are also adjusting the time of the Older group’s camps to start at 10am and finish at 4pm, to allow the teens to take a bit longer to wake, eat and be ready. The Younger group hours will still be 9am-3pm.

MOVIE MAKERS PREMIERES: We will definitely have a virtual premiere for each movie – a time later in the summer when we gather online to watch as a group. It’s also possible we might add a socially distant outdoor premiere here at Movie Makers on our large field. We will keep you posted on information, dates, and times.

An example of how a camper’s week might look: (See the summer camp schedule here)




10:30-11 BREAK

11:00 – 12:00 WORKSHOPS / FILMING/At home activity

12:00-1:00 LUNCH

1:00-3:00 WORKSHOPS / MORE PLANNING / FILMING – Some Online work as well as in-home activities.

WORKSHOPS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK MAY INCLUDECamera tips and tricks, Acting for the Camera, Improv Games, Creating interesting lighting at home, Make-up and hair fun, Creating Memorable characters, Costumes 101, Stop-Motion, Writing Short Stories, etc.


10:00 -10:30 GAMES


11:15-11:30 BREAK

11:30-1:00 WORKSHOPS / Activities Online as well as in-home activities

1-1:30 LUNCH


2:00 – 4:00 WORKSHOPS AND FILMING / Activities Online as well as in-home activities

WORKSHOPS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK MAY INCLUDE: Acting For Film, Lighting 101, Filming and Composition, Improv Games and Skills, Directing and Storyboarding, Editing tips and tricks, At home make-up effects, Creating Costumes for your character, Screenwriting Like the Pros, Stop-Motion, etc.

So, are you in? We sure hope so. This will be a different summer for sure, but one that can still include teamwork, creativity, empowerment, learning and fun. That’s what Movie Makers has always been about. And these experiences are no less important during the current situation – possibly more so. PLEASE NOTIFY US EITHER WAY BY JUNE 10TH!

YES TO STAYING IN SUMMER CAMPS: Please email us at: to confirm that your child (their name and what camp they are registered for) is staying in camp. Please also let us know your child’s t-shirt size and home address so we can bring your child a package before camp starts. If you haven’t already paid, please do so now. Thank you so much for your continued support through all of this!

NO TO STAYING IN SUMMER CAMPS: Please email us at: to let us know you would like to pull your child out of camp, please include the camper’s name and what camp they were registered for. Also include who to write the refund check to, and a mailing address. We are sorry to lose you, but we understand and support your decision.

(See the summer camp schedule here)


We know that some of you are really hoping for some on-site Movie Making. We are offering large families or groups of families that are quarantining together day options where we make an on-site movie over the weekend or during a day or two of one of our weeks off.  The staff would wear masks and keep socially distant, but the families or groups would be able to all be together. If this is something that interests you please contact us at: for more information.

We hope to see you this summer! And if not then, very soon.

Melissa and Josh Lozoff

Movie Makers’ summer day camps are like a whole session in one week! Each week 18 young people will participate in the writing, directing, acting and camera work to create their very own movie.
Beginning only with the theme for that week (see our 2020 schedule here) we’ll

create our story, develop our characters, design sets, even work on costumes and make-up. Then we’ll get a crash course in camera work and filming techniques using digital video equipment.

Putting all the skills together, we’ll spend the week making our movie. All participants will spend time in front of and behind the camera, with the opportunity to focus on the parts of movie making they enjoy the most. At the end of each week, we will have made our movie!

A few weeks later, we’ll gather for a premiere party where we’ll watch our movie on the big screen. Each participant will be sent a link to download the movie. Our camps are separated by age. The younger group is for kids 6 – 10 years old. The older group is for young people 11 to 17. Summer camp sessions are themed. That means we know ahead of time what genre we will be working with.

Each week-long summer camp costs $400, and includes the week of camp, the premiere party, and a link to a digital copy of the movie. Camp Hours are 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM each day. We offer extended care between 8AM – 5PM for those who need it.