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Melissa’s professional background and creative range offer opportunities and connections for young people in the arts beyond what local schools can offer.The instruction is individualized and the students participate in all aspects of the creative process – writing and acting, designing sets, recording sound, and filming. Our daughter has always credited her years in Movie Makers as the source of her confidence and success as a public speaker. In addition, her experience at MovieMakers and Melissa’s mentorship were instrumental in her acceptance to the college art school of her choice. We are grateful to have had Melissa’s influence in our daughter’s life.”
– Edie Allen, parent

“We appreciate your encouragement and guidance, your realistic advice, and your unwavering support. It’s obvious you’re in the right profession and that it’s a passion for you.
– Heather Langan, parent

“My children have been taking acting and performing in community theatre for the past ten years. However, it was only this year, when we discovered Melissa Lozoff, that the true learning began! My daughter, who is preparing for a career in theatre and film, has made tremendous strides this year. She has grown in skill development, understanding of college level material and most importantly confidence. I wish we had discovered these classes sooner!
– Liadainn Gilmore, parent

“Movie Makers offers both a collaborative program and an opportunity for individual growth and achievement. Melissa is terrific at encouraging the young filmmakers and picking up on their interests. It’s a creative endeavor with a productive focus- what a great combination.”
– Donnabeth Leffler, parent

My son’s experience at Movie Makers was phenomenal. It opened so many doors for him and really impacted him in such a positive way. I know he is grateful, as am I, that he had the opportunity to be part of Movie Makers.”
– Beth Millbank, parent

“My daughter first began going to the Movie Makers summer camps when she was a little 8 year old princess. She loved the opportunity to create, to film, to direct, to act, and to see the magic that she and her friends were able to make on screen. She was challenged, inspired, and mentored every step of the way and what she learned was so much more than acting or film-making. She learned about working with a team in a creative environment and the process, business, and craft behind the magic of theatre and film. Now my little princess helps teach classes with Melissa and loves helping them make magic.”
– Cyndi Whisnant, parent
“My son has been enjoying Melissa’s classes for years. He joined Movie Makers as an 8 year old and the class was a big success, fulfilling all his dreams of acting and being on screen. The class was planned with professionalism but was also very fun and entertaining! Now my son is in the Intermediate Class where he grows and learns from a true , professional actress. We are very thankful to Melissa for all the support, kindness and love she shows for the kids .We love Movie Makers and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the performing arts!”
– Bernadette Tyer, parent


“The mark of a great teacher is what impact they have on their students. I hope I can convey what an amazing teacher you are. Really, it’s pretty indescribable: Your encouraging style of teaching, your intelligent conversations, your candid and methodical analysis, the way you treat us like adults and really push us to push ourselves without ever coddling us or allowing us to be anything but our best – I could go on. What it really comes down to is that you love to teach, and great people who love to teach are invariably going to be great teachers.
– Charles Monroe (Student)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! You helped everyone grow so much in such a short period of time. You got us all above and beyond where we needed to be. You’re an incredible director, and I really appreciate how hard you worked to help us all, and for all the help you gave me in particular. I have never been more proud of a role than Nurse Ratched, and I know that without a doubt I wouldn’t have been able to play her without you. You help me and teach me all the time so it really comes as no surprise, but thank you for making me stronger.”
– Raven Whisnant, student

“I have studied movie making and acting with Melissa Lozoff for over ten years. Melissa’s ability to convey her experience and knowledge to her students is truly impeccable. I learned every aspect of the filmmaking process – script-writing, set design, costumes, make-up, and, of course, acting! However, it was the unexpected lessons that make Movie Maker’s an invaluable experience. Practical life skills, taught by Melissa, trained me to be disciplined and responsible. It is because of this approach, learning how now only to be a trained artist, but also how to be a professional, that led me to being signed by my agent two years ago.”
– Bethany Fannin, student

“Movie Makers has been an overall amazing experience for me. Before Movie Makers and Melissa, I was shy and never thought of acting as a career choice. Now, I feel so much more confident on stage and with my peers. I have made new friends just being a part of Movie Makers. Movie Makers has given me so many opportunities and I am so glad I’m a part of it. Melissa has also been so amazing. She has been such a great support system for me and I love working and learning from her.”
– Celia Roskin, student