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Movie Making



Movie Making


At Movie Makers, kids work together to create their very own video movie. Each week our movie makers will participate in the writing, directing, acting and camera work to create their very own movie.

Throughout the class we’ll create our story, develop our characters, design sets, even work on costumes and make-up. Then we’ll get a crash course in camera work and filming techniques using digital video equipment.

Putting all the skills together, we’ll spend the semester making our movie. All participants will spend time in front of and behind the camera, with the opportunity to focus on the parts of movie making they enjoy the most.

Movie Makers’ sessions are 10 weeks in length, and each class meets once a week. The primary instructor for every class is Movie Makers founder and director Melissa Lozoff.¬†There are also 1-3 assistants per class.

At the conclusion of the session on Sunday, May 31, 2020, we will have a premiere party in a real movie theater, so we can watch our movie on the big screen! Every participant will receive a link to download the movie for their own personal files.