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Dungeons & Dragons Summer Camp!

Ages 11 – 17

*QUEST 1: June 17-21
*QUEST 1: June 24-28
*QUEST 2: July 8-12


Camp fee: $500
Have an exciting week playing all different kinds of Dungeons and Dragons Games! We are bringing a professional D&D Game Master from Atlanta to teach and run the games.
Dudley Merrifield is a Movie Makers alum, and now runs professional D&D games for teens and adults. Spend a week with him to learn more about the game and engage in exciting new adventures! Don’t miss out, there are only a limited amount of spots!
This is not a Movie Making Camp. Participants will not be making a movie.
*Please note: There will be 2 different quests, and each quest will be repeated. If your camper wants to participate in 2 different quests, make sure to register for one of each quest.
MORE ABOUT DUDLEY: Dudley Merrifield is a trained actor with extensive knowledge on lore and rule systems for several of the world’s most popular tabletop role playing games. He has been leading thrilling and unforgettable stories in both private and public settings professionally for several years.
MORE ABOUT THE GAMES HE RUNS: I tell stories first. This means memorable NPCs, lots of different voices, copious adventuring opportunities, difficult decisions that will have big impact on how the story unfolds, and not enforcing some rules for the sake of making combat flow better. It doesn’t matter how well you understand the rules, only that you make the choices that you want so that you can tell a story that is yours.


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If you have any questions prior to registering, feel free to email us directly.