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Get creative and try something new – classes for all ages!
All classes are 4 weeks long, are only $100 and taught by Melissa Lozoff (unless stated otherwise).
*And if you are struggling financially right now, apply for a discount or free class. No one will be turned away!

Email and let Melissa know which class or classes you would like to join!

MONOLOGUES 101: Take this time to really work on a monologue, be prepared before the audition! Pick and work on a monologue throughout this class. Learn tips and exercises that will help you stand out at an audition. Learn techniques that will take your acting to the next level. Fun and focused, this class will help you take a monologue from page to performance!
MONDAYS 6–7:30pm, Ages 15 – Adult

UNLEASHING YOUR CREATIVE ARTIST: Need some fun? Need some inspiration? Need to laugh again? Through exercises, games, discussions, and play we will have fun while releasing tension (which we all have right now), cultivating our creativity, and nourishing our inner artists. Whether you are an artist or someone who just wants to experience some fun during these stressful times – this class is for you!
MONDAYS 8–9:30PM, Adult and Older Teens

POWER, CONFIDENCE LIFE SKILLS FOR TEENS: Through exercises, games, discussions, and acting techniques this class will boost confidence and instill life skills that will help your teen navigate stressful and turbulent times. Life skills will include tapping into their inner power, building confidence, gaining time management skills, instilling gratitude and grit, and much more!
WEDNESDAYS 6–7:30pm, Ages 13–18

POWER, CONFIDENCE LIFE SKILLS FOR TWEENS: Through exercises, games, discussions and acting techniques this class will boost confidence and instill life skills that will help your tween navigate their stress and quarantined life right now. Life skills will include tapping into their inner power and artist, building confidence, gaining time management skills and instilling gratitude and grit.

ACTING FUN FOR YOUNGINS: This class is all about having fun, getting rid of stress, developing creativity, and learning some acting along the way. Through games and exercises Melissa creates an online environment for your kids to laugh, create art, and have some fun!
MONDAYS 4–5:00pm, Ages 8–11

THE ACTOR’S PROCESS: (For actors of all levels) This is the first in this series where we delve into a very practical process that will take you from casting to performance, giving you a road map to interpreting the script, fleshing out your character, to the final touches of a brilliant performance. Using many techniques interpreted by Melissa Lozoff but created by Master teachers Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, Sandford Meisner, and Lee Strasberg you will gain a strong foundation for creating a brilliant performance every time. 
WEDNESDAYS 8–10pm, Adult and Older Teens

MOVIE MAKING 101: Start making your own films, at home with the equipment you have! Each week we will create a short film, concentrating on story, lighting, filming, and editing. By the end of this four week class you will have created a rough and final draft of four short films. We will also talk about film festivals and opportunities to showcase your films and future work.
SUNDAYS 7–9pm, Ages 13–Adult

IMPROV FOR ACTORS: Improvisation can be a vital skill for actors, even if they don’t realize it. Improv keeps you grounded in the present moment, better connects you to your scene partners, and keeps you from getting stuck in your head. It can even help with audition anxiety. We will explore some basic techniques of improvisation, fostering a safe environment of play, spontaneity, and bold choices. We will then apply these techniques to your acting work, allowing the joy of improv to infuse your character choices, scene work, and audition preparation. This class is open to actors (and improvisers) of any experience level, but will be especially helpful for actors who feel performance anxiety, who struggle to stay out of their heads, or who need some help making choices for their scene work.
SATURDAYS 10am–12pm, ages 15–Adult TEACHER: Charles Monroe

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: Melissa Lozoff also offers one on one acting coaching sessions (30 or 60 minutes in length). Get feedback on previous auditions, work on a monologue, get help on specific techniques, etc.  Flexible times, Any age.